Wind Tower Blast & Paint

The blasting of wind towers requires both high quality surface preparation and high production rates. Wind turbine towers present huge flat surface areas that require huge amounts of abrasive to blast clean. Our wind tower blastrooms are engineered and configured to provide reduced blasting times and keep abrasive recovery to a minimum.

To minimise abrasive cost the recommended abrasive for this application is steel grit (DuraGrit). This tough angular abrasive is able to be recycled hundreds of times resulting in the lowest abrasive consumption cost per square meter.

Several abrasive recovery methods are available to recover the abrasive. For high production requirements the use of the TruGrit recovery floor system will provide continuous abrasive recovery and prevent any valuable blasting time being wasted on recovering abrasive. Less clean up time equates to more blasting production time. Parital abrasive recovery systems provide lower capital investment and utilise correctly positioned screw or belt conveyors into which the abrasive is deposited.

Our 80dba high production vacuum recovery unit will quickly and easily remove left over abrasive from the internals of the wind tower sections and can also be used for surface vacuuming to ensure maximum surface cleanliness.

In areas of high humidity low energy dehumidifiers are integrated into the blastroom ventilation system to keep Relative Humidity levels within the room below 60%. At this low humidity level even the largest of wind towers will not flash rust between blasting and painting.

To ensure maximum visibility, and a dust free environment in surrounding areas, the wind tower blast room is fitted with a TDF ventilation dust collectors to provide the correct air flow movement through the blast room.


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