We produce blast rooms that are installed all over the world, often to repeat customers. Selected here are examples of a variety of our projects.

Our equipment is modular design which enables quick and easy on site bolting together and assembly regardless of the location.

We hope we can be of assistance to you for your blast room requirement. Please feel free to contact us through the below form with your requirement.

Steel Fabricator

Oil & Gas Automation

Wind Tower

Full Floor Belt Recovery Blastroom

Naval Vessel Fabrication

TruGrit Full Recovery Floor Blastroom

Shipblock Blast & Paint Chambers

Dual Abrasive W Series Recovery Floor Blastroom

Porta-Blast Container Blastroom

Spray Painting Booth

TruGrit Full Floor Recovery Blastroom

W Series Full Floor Recovery Blastroom

Belt Conveyor Partial Recovery Blastroom

Powder Coating Spray Booth

TruGrit Shipyard Outfitting Blastroom