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TruGrit Blastroom - Built for Productivity


The TruGrit Blastroom is designed and built to provide steel fabricators with the highest quality cleaned and blasted surfaces at minimal operating and equipment investment costs.


Based on a modular bolt together design, even the biggest blastrooms can be assembled, commissioned and put into production in the minimum amount of time.


We offer the options of full equipment supply, or a cost saving partnership, we supply the components and you fabricate the steelwork.

TruGrit Blastroom Cost Savings

8 Ways the TruGrit Blastroom will save you money.
  • Reduced Abrasive ConsumptionSteel grit abrasive can be recycled hundreds of times
  • Fabrication PartnershipFabricate your own blastroom structure and components, to our design
  • Low Power BillOnly a few kw/hp required to recover the whole floor, reduces running costs
  • Low MaintenanceFewer moving parts requires minimal maintenance for longer up-time
  • Reduced Floor SpaceRoll-Up rubber doors and compact machinery require less floor space
  • Fast InstallModular bolt together design for speedy installation and commissioning
  • Higher ProductionMultiple blasters are able to blast simultaneously
  • CleanlinessTDF ventilation dust collector prevents surrounding area pollution
Lowest cost per square meter/foot blasted
Utilising steel grit abrasive enables recycling hundreds of times and minimal abrasive consumption.
Operator friendly and safe working environment
TDF dust collector keeps the blastroom well ventilated for clear visibility during blasting.
Environmentally friendly non-polluting facility
Recycling abrasive and contained dust collection prevents environmental and atmosphere pollution.
High quality surface preparation and finishing
No abrasive embedment and dust consistent profile for perfect surface preparation.