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We’ve been there. In a former life we were a blasting contractor. And we operated several blastrooms. Originally we used the clients rooms and did the best we could with them. But it was always frustrating when you need to blast something, but everyday something else breaks down. No blasting = No money.

So in the end we developed our own equipment. We tried several floor systems, both bought in and manufactured by us. Now we have ended up here with the TruGrit blastroom. And it works really well, which is why there are lots of big international customers using our equipment; Bredero Shaw, Schlumberger, RAE Energy, Oil States, Japanese Shipyard, Cameron etc, to name just a few.

We manufacture everything ourselves and pay lots of attention to quality as warranty work sucks, for both of us. Most of our designs are now standardized and everything is produced in modular form so it is quick and easy to install. The quicker it is installed, the sooner you get to work making money.
Our Personnel
Blastechnik recruits, trains and motivates the best people in order to provide you with a knowledgeable and reliable sales team in order to meet your specific requirements.

Through ongoing training and hands on experience our personnel are able to offer you the best advise, technical expertise and cost reduction solutions to improve your performance.

Blastechnik employees take pride in their quality of work and attention to detail.

Along with the time-honored principles of service, commitment, performance and quality, this leads to the one source of repeat business; satisfied customers.

Technical Expertise




Our Quality
Blastechnik personnel have many years of practical experience and technical expertise in the design, development and application of abrasive blasting equipment.

The combination of this expertise and low cost manufacturing facilities permit Blastechnik to offer high quality equipment at the lowest possible cost.

We take great pride in our products and stand behind the quality of them. Our products are covered by a full 12 month warranty against manufacturing or workmanship defects.

We will always meet, and strive to exceed, our client’s expectations of quality, price competitiveness and timely delivery.

High Quality



Economically Priced

Our Facilities and Equipment
All Blastechnik is manufactured in our own purposely-fitted out modern fabrication factory. This facility is used for fabrication, painting and final fit-out and assembly of equipment.

Modern Fabrication

Lower Your Blasting Cost to Increase Your Profit

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