W Series Modular Blastroom

The W Series Modular Blastroom is designed and built to allow quick, easy assembly on site and to provide a safe, efficient, environmentally clean facility to carry out abrasive blast cleaning.

The room is suitable for use with most commonly available recyclable abrasive types, ie steel grit, aluminium oxide, glass beads, ceramic beads, stainless steel shot, cut wire etc. The equipment is designed to permit quick and easy clean out to change to other abrasive types if required.

The facility consists of a bolt together blasting enclosure fitted with a W Series pneumatic recovery floor covering the whole working area of the floor. The W Series floor is used to both ventilate the blastroom and recover the spent abrasive media simultaneously. The strength of the W Series floor modules enables rail track to be run directly on top of the floor, no special foundations are required.

The system operates on the principle of vertical downdraft ventilation air movement, to immediately capture dust and abrasive. The highly efficient down flow ventilation technique provides excellent visibility, increases productivity and ensures surrounding areas and operators are not subjected to nuisance dust and abrasive particles. The abrasive recovery and blastroom ventilation airflow are generated through a high efficiency TDF dust collector.

The low profile height of the floor modules permits the W Series blast room to be located directly onto a flat concrete floor. If the blastroom floor level is required to be flush with the surrounding factory floor level the entire blastroom can be situated into a pit approx. 275mm deep. During operation the abrasive is continually recovered and recycled, good reusable abrasive is separated from dust and oversize particles ensuring only correctly sized and fully cleaned abrasive is returned to the blasting pots.


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