TruGrit Blastroom

One of the harshest applications for a blast room is steel fabricators blasting steel components with steel grit. Using hard wearing steel grit as the abrasive, and high production through put rates, puts enormous stress on the abrasive recovery system. If the abrasive recovery system is not built tough it will fail very quickly and result in lots of lost production time for continual repairs and maintenance. Lost production equates to lost revenue. The Blastechnik TruGrit Blastroom has been designed specifically to avoid these problems and provide a reliable and productive blast room for your blasting application.

Moving parts and hard abrasive do not mix well in a blast room. The Blastechnik TruGrit Blastroom is fitted with a TruGlide Abrasive Recovery Floor that eliminates virtually all moving parts from inside the blast room. The floor consists of a series of 300mm deep recovery channels. A layer of abrasive 10-15mm thick lines the bottom of each channel. This abrasive forms a wear resistant layer to protect the floor from wear. Each channel is fitted with a single hardened steel blade that travels up and down the length of the blast room to recover the abrasive and removed contaminants.

As the TruGlide recovery blades are constantly moving they are only exposed to flying abrasive for a brief few seconds on each stroke. This feature, along with the protective layer of abrasive in each channel, virtually eliminates wear and tear. This allows the recovery floor to run continuously day in and day out to keep up with the most demanding production schedules. More production equates to more revenue.

The TruGlide Abrasive Recovery Floor is so simple and reliable it only requires a half day maintenance and adjustment every one or two months using simple hand tools.

A steel grit blastroom is a harsh environment. With the TruGrit Abrasive Recovery Blastroom we like to keep things simple.

Simple Price – the TruGlide Abrasive Recovery Floor does not require a lot of materials to make, therefore we can keep the costs down and sell to you cheaper. Our scope of supply also includes steel floor pans and grating so you won’t have any unpleasant hidden cost surprises having to supply these items yourself.

Simple Installation – theTruGlide Abrasive Recovery Floor is a modular bolt together design. You supply a simple concrete foundation, to our design, and we will drop in the floor and bolt it together. The recovery floor is quick and easy to install. Within a very short period you will be up and running and blasting in production.

Simple Operation – the simple minimal moving parts design ensures the TruGlide Abrasive Recovery Floor keeps on running. Press the start button and start blasting and the recovery floor will take care of returning and cleaning the abrasive ready for reuse.

Simple Maintenance – no moving parts inside the blast room ensures minimal maintenance is required. Half a day once a month, with a few hand tools, to check and adjust is all that is required.


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