Portable Container Blastroom

Both 20′ and 40′ new or used shipping containers can be converted into a blastroom.

The Blastechnik container conversion uses one TDF dust collector to both ventilate the container during blasting, and to recover the abrasive after blasting. Selection between Blasting Mode and Recovery Mode by the press of a button.

In Blasting Mode the TDF dust collector produces the ventilation airflow through the blastroom. This ensures high levels of visibility for the blasting operator, and prevents escape of dust.

During blasting the abrasive recovery system is not running. Once the blast pot and storage hopper empty of abrasive, or blasting is completed, the system is switched to recovery mode.

In Recovery Mode the TDF dust collector pneumatically recovers the used abrasive. The abrasive is brushed and blown from the blastroom floor to a pneumatic conveying duct and passed through an adjustable abrasive reclaimer. Good reusable abrasive is separated from dust and oversize particles to ensure only correctly sized and fully cleaned abrasive is returned to the blasting pot. A critical factor when producing quality surface preparation work.

To save costs we offer the option of you supplying and modifying your own container to our design drawings. We will supply all the equipment, components and fittings, that you can then install into the modified container.

Shipping container blastroom conversions can be designed for either internal or external use.


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