Porta-Blast Blastroom

Porta-Blast is a range of portable blasting and painting ventilation and abrasive recovery equipment, all designed for on site use.

Porta-Blast equipment is built into standard shipping containers. A flat concrete slab is required to position the system onto.

The equipment is bolt together design to allow simple assembly and disassembly. When relocation between worksites is required the equipment is disassembled and packed inside the shipping container. Upon arrival at the new worksite the container is unstuffed and reassembled.

Porta-Blast utilises a light weight fabric shelter, suspended between the containers, to form a spacious temporary blastroom or spray booth. The fabric shelter may also be disassembled and loaded into container when relocation is required.

During blasting the TDF dust collector is used to provide the ventilation airflow through the blastroom. This will provide adequate ventilation to prevent escape of dust and ensure a high level of visibility for the blasting operator.

During painting powerful exhaust fans, fitted inside the painting module create the required air flow to remove spray painting vapors and solvents from inside the enclosure.

Ventilation air drawn through the working area to provide operators a safe and overspray free area in which to work.

After blasting the used abrasive is either vacuum or manually recovered from the floor. passed through a recovery and classifier system to remove all waste and dust. It can then be directly reloaded into the blast pot or passed through a two stage separator to segregate good reusable abrasive from dust and oversize particles and ensures only correctly sized and fully cleaned abrasive is reused.


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