Plastic Media Blastroom

Plastic media blasting (PMB) is ideal for a wide range of uses including paint removal, mold cleaning, deflashing and deburring and is suitable for the treatment of soft or delicate substrates i.e. aluminium, fibreglass and composites. Coatings can be removed layer by layer without damaging or etching the underlying surface.

PMB is an environmentally friendly, safe and cost effective alternative to wet chemical stripping and significantly reduces the generation of hazardous waste.

Plastic media blasting is commonly used on aerospace components which are inherently of high value. For this reason the blasting process must be tightly controlled to avoid blasting damage to valuable parts.

The Blastechnik Plastic Media Blastroom is designed specifically for use with plastic media to comply with all aerospace specifications and equipment requirements.

W Series pneumatic abrasive recovery floor continuously removes and recycles spent abrasive from the blasting cabin. After passing through an adjustable separator, to remove dust and oversize waste, the recovered grits are recycled through multi-stage magnetic separator to ensure any stray metallic particles are removed.

Abrasive recovery and blasting ventilation are achieved by the use of Blastechnik TDF dust collector. The high filter cleaning efficiency of this dust collector design prevents the filter cartridges from becoming clogged with dust, providing constant performance and extending filter life.

The purpose-built blasting pot is designed for efficient multi-use applications, continuous or stop-start operations.

Blasting can be conducted at pressures as low as 10psi, 0.7Bar.


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