Open Spray Area Ventilation

Sometimes the blasted items are just too big or wrongly shaped to fit into a spray booth. This is where our open spraying area concept can help.

Spray painting exhaust plenums are fitted to one or more walls of the area to provide ventilation of the area in compliance with AS/NZ4114. If the spray painting area does not allow the positioning of exhaust fans our alternative method is to position exhaust plenums in the spray painting area and duct underground to the exhaust fans mounted outside the factory.

The whole area is ventilated and inbuilt airflow monitoring devices ensure required airflow is maintained at correct levels. All sources of electrical ignition are eliminated to prevent the risk of explosion.

Fan assemblies are fitted with non sparking aluminium impellor and progressive woven fibreglass outlet filters efficiently trap paint overspray and prevent environmental pollution from exhaust air stream. Digital or analogue differential pressure gauges, with auto shut down if required, provide visual feed back of condition of filters and amount of blockage.


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Open Spray Area Ventilation Project by Blastechnik