Dual Abrasive Blastroom

Manufacturers and refurbishers of some components may have the requirement to blast with two abrasives. The items to be blasted may be made from carbon steel and stainless steel. Stainless parts cannot be blasted with the same abrasive used to blast carbon steel. Or the items may have two finishing requirements, surface preparation for painting and surface cleaning for inspection.

In both instances two different abrasives are required to be used. Usually these will be an angular steel grit for surface preparation/etching and a spherical glass beads for gentle surface finishing/cleaning.

The conventional, and expensive, way to do this is to have two separate blast rooms, one for each abrasive type. We offer an alternative. The Dual Abrasive blastroom is designed for use with two abrasive types and incorporates the following into the design:

1. Full floor pneumatic abrasive recovery instantly removes all blasted abrasive to reduce clean up time between abrasive change over.
2. Magnetic separator removes all steel particles from glass beads. The recovery system is designed to prevent the steel grit becoming magnetized and clumpy after repeated recycling. The contamination of glass beads by steel grit has proven to be less than 0.1%.
3. High efficiency cyclones prevent wastage of good reusable glass beads, even very fine sizes.

The Dual Abrasive blastroom will save you the investment of two separate blastrooms. Quick and effective change over from one abrasive type to another increases up time for production.


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