Combination Blast & Paint

The Blastechnik combination blasting and painting facility is designed as a space saving alternative to having separate blastroom and painting rooms. This design offers substantial space and cost savings and is ideally suited for surface preparation, paint stripping and painting of large items, ie ship blocks, steel fabrications, rail cars, containers etc.

The blast equipment provides a controlled environment in which blast cleaning and painting can be carried out. To prevent flash rusting occurring on large items the facility may be fitted with dehumidification equipment to maintain a constant low relative humidity. This enables large work pieces to be completely blasted prior to coating, eliminating the requirement to blast and paint section by section.

Full or partial floor abrasive recovery systems are used to return the used abrasive to the abrasive reclamation plant. Critical to ensuring high productivity, and work piece surface cleanliness, is the use of clean dustless abrasive. All Blastecnik abrasive recovery systems separate coarse waste, degraded abrasive and dust from good reusable abrasive and ensures only correctly sized and fully cleaned abrasive is returned to the blasting pot, good abrasive is not wasted and dust is not recirculated to the blast nozzles.

When environment conditioning is provided the blasting ventilation airflow is continually recycled to further reduce operating costs. The blast and paint facility uses disposable paint overspray arrestor material to filter the painting ventilation air prior to emitting to the atmosphere. During blasting, the paint overspray arrestor filters are shielded from damage by protective rubber curtains.


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