Automated Blast & Paint

More and more of our customers are asking us to provide them with automated blasting and automated painting equipment to eliminate manual blasting and painting.

Initially customer wanted to automate the parts processing in horizontal position. But this presented many work handling challenges due to wide variety of parts and potential damage to the new paint at touch points. Our vertical process design eliminated all the issues with work handling and enables the parts to be processed from raw to finish coat without touching or damaging the surface.

Pertinent details as follows:

Workpiece: O&G gas lift mandrel (long oval shaped pipe)

Workpiece dimensions: 4.2m long x 300mm dia (14′ x 1′)

Work Handling: Overhead monorail with 2 powered hoists

Operation: Blasting / Painting / Drying concurrently or separately

Blasting Media: Aluminium oxide

Paint: Water based single coat

Nozzle & Spray Gun Movement: Vertical variable speed linear actuator

Controls: Touchscreen (200pce workpiece memory)

Process time: +/- 20-30 minutes per piece

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